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5 Smudging Prayers for Protection and Cleansing

Have you been plagued with doubts lately? Does there seem to be a cloud of negativity following you wherever you go? Then it’s time to consider performing a smudging prayer. Smudging, the process of burning herbs for cleansing and ritualistic purposes, has been used for thousands of years across numerous cultures. Condensing your intent into prayer can enhance the practice but what do you say? Read on to find out more.

What is a smudging prayer?

The process of smudging is intended to cleanse, purify, and get rid of negative energy. It is believed that the smoke acts as a purifier and as it rises, it takes your wishes up into the universe and to the Gods. The most common herb used is white sage which is a sacred herb across many cultures for its intense purifying properties, however other herbs can be used too.