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Oracle Cards are the first spiritual tool I go to when looking for clarity and guidance in my life.

There are so many different questions that we desire answers to, but when we find ourselves confused, lost, and uncertain we don’t always know what questions to ask to gain the right clarity. You have found yourself here because you are on your spiritual journey looking for ways to either gain insight into your soul path or strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities. Reading Oracle Cards allows you to do both.

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When I first started reading oracle cards it was completely for myself. I never thought I would ever read for someone else because I didn’t know how I could ever trust the message I was sharing.

To me, oracle cards were a way to gain insight into what was coming or what I was being asked to focus on in life. I have never used oracle cards to predict my future, I’ve only ever asked them to guide me in where I need to focus my energy to stay in alignment.

The most important lesson I had to learn while using oracle cards is that learning the information is not nearly as important as integrating and applying the information as you live your life. When I received messages from my oracle cards that described what was coming, I had to learn to trust myself in order to follow the guidance of the cards. When I didn’t trust myself, I wouldn’t take action on the message and so the same message would keep repeating any time I asked for my oracle cards.