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Oracle Cards are the first spiritual tool I go to when looking for clarity and guidance in my life.

There are so many different questions that we desire answers to, but when we find ourselves confused, lost, and uncertain we don’t always know what questions to ask to gain the right clarity. You have found yourself here because you are on your spiritual journey looking for ways to either gain insight into your soul path or strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities. Reading Oracle Cards allows you to do both.

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When I first started reading oracle cards it was completely for myself. I never thought I would ever read for someone else because I didn’t know how I could ever trust the message I was sharing.

To me, oracle cards were a way to gain insight into what was coming or what I was being asked to focus on in life. I have never used oracle cards to predict my future, I’ve only ever asked them to guide me in where I need to focus my energy to stay in alignment.

The most important lesson I had to learn while using oracle cards is that learning the information is not nearly as important as integrating and applying the information as you live your life. When I received messages from my oracle cards that described what was coming, I had to learn to trust myself in order to follow the guidance of the cards. When I didn’t trust myself, I wouldn’t take action on the message and so the same message would keep repeating any time I asked for my oracle cards.

Yes, they can give you insight into your soul path, but you have to remember to do your part and take action on those messages when they resonate. Always follow your gut.

I started to get more and more comfortable with the different oracle decks I owned as I read for myself and my intuition was getting stronger so I had no doubt in what it was saying. This is when I considered offering readings to clients. I started with free pull-a-card videos in my free Facebook community, Shifting Forward. After receiving positive feedback and seeing how the messages resonated with everyone my trust strengthened.

Oracle Cards became a beautiful tool for me to strengthen not only my intuitive abilities but also my Clair-abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.) and mediumship. The more I read for clients the easier I heard the messages and my doubt and fear completely faded away.

Learning to use Oracle Cards as a spiritual tool for yourself or to read for others is a beautiful practice. I encourage you to think outside the box. Don’t follow someone else’s practice, be willing to find your own practice. The point of oracle cards is not reading what is on the physical card, it’s feeling your intuition guide you to the right card, and allowing your spirit to speak through you as you uncover the card's meaning and what resonates most with you.

Here are some great questions to consider when using oracle cards (these are all one-question spreads, you can pick and choose to create your own three-question spreads.

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Shifting through Big Life Changes

1 What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?

2 How can I find peace through this shift?

3 Where do I need to focus my energy?

4 What do I need to remember through these changes?

5 How can I feel supported through this?

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1 What is the problem? (What is the pain?/What needs to be healed?)

2 What am I needing to release from this?

3 What lesson am I being guided to learn?

4 What do I need to forgive?

5 How can I better focus on healing?

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1 What am I forgetting when it comes to manifesting my dreams?

2 What is blocking my manifestations?

3 What do I need to remember when manifesting?

4 How can I support my manifestations?

Full Moon Reading

1 Where did I make mistakes and need to forgive?

2 What is the Universe trying to tell me?

3 What am I being asked to focus my energy on?

4 What do I need to reflect on in my life?

5 What can I expect from this next month?

New Moon Reading

1 What do I need to release and let go of?

2 What do I need to focus on for this fresh start?

3 What is this cycle bring?

4 How can I flow with ease and grace?

5 How can I stay in alignment this cycle?

Random Questions

1 Where are the blessings flowing into my life?

2 How can I continue to support myself?

3 How can I create more harmony in my life?

4 What is the outside pressure that’s weighing on me more than I realize?

5 How can I protect my energy?

6 What am I ignoring?

7 How can I create the change I desire?

8 What ego layers am I actively shedding/releasing?

9 What are the strengths I carry that are leading me through life?

10 What do I need to remember through this process?

11 How can I focus on creating joy?

12 How can I hear the voice of my soul more clearly?

13 What strengths are I needing to focus on?

14 How can you carry grace and patience through this cycle?

15 When will you know it’s time to take action?

16 What is occupying my mind that I need to surrender?

17 How am I being supported?

18 Where do I need to open my perspective?

19 Where do I need to be looking for the answers?

20 What can I do to set myself up for success?

There are 44 questions you can ask your oracle cards in order to receive guidance and support from the Universe. These are all questions I’ve asked either for myself or my community members.

When you are choosing questions to ask, don't simply go in order, top to bottom. Instead take a couple of deep breaths, getting connected to yourself by grounding yourself in the present moment. Feel through this, don’t think through it. Have patience and go slow. After a few deep breaths to get connected, start reading each question and see how it makes you feel. You’ll know which questions resonate with you because as soon as you read them you’ll want to know the answer.

Once you ask the question, you can shuffle the oracle cards and then fan them out face down in front of you when you feel ready. When the cards are all laid out, shake your shoulders and arms a touch to get connected, then place one hand (whichever feels right) hovering over the cards. Allow your hand to move wherever it wants to, don’t think simply allow the movement. You may find yourself touching the cards until you land on the right one; you may immediately feel called to one card and pick it; you may hover your hand in the air over the cards moving side to side until you feel a vibrational pull to one card.

Pulling and reading oracle cards is a beautiful practice that can help you strengthen your intuitive gifts. When you slow down and allow for connection, you are able to practice the art of listening and feeling.

I’d love to hear how this post resonates with you and which questions pique your interest. Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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