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3 Hands On Healing Techniques

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hands-on healing is something all of us can do without getting any "attunement" or doing a weekend course. As humans, we are natural healers, but there are a few things you need to know to get started. Basically, all you need are your hands and an intention to heal or to channel healing energy through your hands. This article shall deal with an introduction and some techniques to get you started on Self Healing. Of course, feel free to heal others around you as well.


Hands-on healing can be brilliant in order to bring on deep relaxation throughout your entire body and mind in only a few minutes and is extremely simple. If you are a little older and have higher blood pressure, this could help you get your numbers down on days when the pills aren't working. If you have trouble sleeping, this can quiet your mind and put you to sleep quickly as well. You need to be open to it and relax willingly but when the right energy is surging through, you will have trouble holding onto your stress.

How Do You Know You Have Healing Hands?

Have you ever experienced energy coming out of your hands? If you have never spontaneously noticed this, I'll ask you now to look at your hand's palm up and realize you have two large chakras situated in the palms of your hands. Chakras are merely energy centers or seals, from the etheric, placed all over our body. We talk mainly about the 12 main chakras, yet we have many more of them, for example in our hands and feet. When we feel the energy coming out of a chakra, we feel physical sensations like warmth, cold, tingling, pulsing, and the feel of a flow of energy.

Our hand chakras are connected to our heart chakra, and sometimes when you feel love, you may feel an actual sensation in your palms.

Firstly, you will want to feel this energy coming out of your palms so you know this is real. For beginners, simply lift your hands in front of you so they are facing each other. Move them closer together and further apart until you can feel the right place for them. It will be a feeling like they won't move any closer together like a force is between them. This may be a foot or so apart. Now simply intend for energy to come out of the palms. The palm centers are open and healing energy is invited to flow out. Sit until it does so (usually only a few moments) and your palms begin to feel warm. This is your natural healing energy and your proof that something is happening here. Yes, you do have healing hands!

How We Do Hands-On Healing: 3 Steps

Some energy healers place their hands just above the body whilst others place their hands on top of your clothing and rest them there for five minutes in each position. When I do self-healing, I rest my hands on my body as this is much easier. Both ways have the same effect.

Now decide if you want to sit or lie down for your healing. Sitting is good if you are watching TV (yes you can heal like this if you choose) and lying down is even more relaxing and allows you access to more places. You may want to put on some relaxation music.

It does not really matter on the order you use for positions or even which ones you use. Healing energy, as it enters the body, tends to flow around the entire body and goes to where it is needed most. I like to start on my chest and then move my hands down to my abdomen, then to my legs. If you are trying to heal a headache, you may want to place your hands on your head, or if that is difficult ask a loved one to heal you as they may have better access.

1. Do not have your hands touching each other. Relax your hands and close the fingers and thumbs so they are all together with an almost flat hand. Your hands will probably curve somewhat and do not need to be perfectly flat. Place your hands where you wish, the left one on the left side of your body and the right on the right side. Sometimes you may place one hand above the other, it does not matter which this is.

2. Simply focus on your hands and in a moment you will feel the energy flowing out of them. You may focus for a few moments on this if you like, feeling the sensations in your palms. Your mind may drift away now and the energy will keep flowing. You do not have to keep the focus on this energy. The focus is only to start the energy and once it has started, it will keep flowing.

3. Leave your hands in that one position for about five minutes or longer if needed. Try tuning in on your intuition and let that direct your healing. You may move your hands lower to your abdomen for five minutes, then to the top of your legs, if you are lying down. If you are sitting, you can place your hands on your lower legs or feet, then on your arms, your neck or your head. You can simply decide how much healing you want. You can start at the feet and work your way up to the head. I prefer to do a ten minute healing focussed mainly on my chest or abdomen.

Once you have finished, simply remove your hands. The energy will stop flowing of itself. Your hands are intelligent and know when you are no longer needing them. You should be feeling deeply relaxed at this stage.

Is Energy Healing A Cure?

Energy healing can help in all kinds of circumstances, yet it is not necessarily a cure. Many times it can help to cure conditions, yet try to have an open mind. Many medical conditions need other treatments and you should always see a doctor first when something goes wrong with your body. Energy healing is more of a supplement to traditional medicine.

I use it as a relaxation technique or as a way to actually lower blood pressure if a reading I take is high. I may get so relaxed that I drift off to sleep. It really just depends on how you are feeling on a particular day.

Hopefully, energy healing can find a place in your life. If you practice it often, it can come in handy if there is an emergency, or as a way to help alleviate pain. If you like, you may formerly study Reiki if you feel you need an attunement to have more powerful healing. You can help loved ones and friends also if they need some help. You should not offer this for money unless you have trained properly.

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