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25 POWERFUL Manifestation Affirmations

If you’re struggling with your manifesting journey then it is time to flip the script and improve your mindset! You are the only one who can make change happen in your life so buckle up and learn how to achieve anything you desire! An easy method is to simply practice affirmations…change your mindset by going to the source and speaking your desires into existence. In this post, discover the 25 most POWERFUL affirmations to become a manifesting master!

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What Are Affirmations?

Simply, affirmations are phrases you say out loud or think to yourself.

In detail, ‘affirmation’ is defined as “the act of affirming.” Hence, when you say or think a phrase over and over again you are affirming that it is true. These phrases can be positive or negative. Negative affirmations make you feel shitty whereas positive affirmations make you feel amazing. For example, repeating “I am dumb” will make you feel sad whereas repeating “I am smart” will make you feel happy.

FREE COURSE Law of Attraction - Manifest Your Goals

Why And How Do Affirmations Work?

First and foremost, you must understand the bundle of