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13 Psychic Protection Tips To Block Negativity

There are two areas where psychic attacks can emanate from. One is from other people and is by far the most common form of attack. The second is from negative entities or beings that may hang around a person or a place (like a building or house) for various reasons. Ghosts do not fall into this category because a ghost is like a recording or an imprint that plays over and over again, and this imprint is not a conscious entity, is not a spirit. Spirits exist and they can range from mischievous to downright malicious.

The following psychic protection techniques work very effectively whether we are shielding ourselves from a living person who is harassing us, or from a spirit that is bothersome. Since there are many different types of protection, the reader should be able to experiment and pick and choose what works best for them.

It is also worthy to note that psychic attacks from other people are usually unconscious in nature. That is to say, not everyone is a practitioner of the dark arts - that is very rare to find indeed, mostly because people who intentionally summon dark energy receive bad karma and also receive the same dark energy-returning that they sent out. So most psychic attacks are by people who may send anger or negativity in our direction and not realize the harm that energy can wreak. There are certain countries and cultures that emphasize dark magic more so than others. Also on occasion, a teen will watch a movie about witches and dabble in the dark arts whilst having no clear idea what they are actually dealing with.

Attacks From Spirits

It is no coincidence that many people who are heavy smokers, drinkers, and especially those who do hard drugs have many more dark spirits hanging around them than other people. The reason is basic: a normal, healthy person has naturally strong protection around them that no spirit can penetrate - the human aura. It would be bedlam if we didn't have this protective layer of energy shielding to keep pesky spirits out. Those who do drugs actually harm their aura and begin to develop holes in their protective energy shield so that spirits can get in and influence them. This is a major reason to stay away from drugs. People who suffer from a long illness can have a much weaker aura at times. Those who are psychologically weak can let spirits in and be influenced by them. However, for most of us who are strong mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, a spirit cannot enter to mess up our life. Those who are psychic and can hear spirits (clairaudient) learn to tell them firmly to go away. No spirit can unduly influence us unless we consent to it, or are open to it. Shut down any spirit that is messing you around and they will quickly move on to find an easier target.

A powerful Psychic Protection Prayer can also go far in removing some unwanted energies that we may have accumulated around us. Such a prayer is included at the bottom of the page.

Attacks From People

It is rare that anyone would deliberately sit down and cast a harmful spell or call on spirits to attack another person although it does happen. I have experienced this first hand, and also heard someone brag about how they send energy to harm others. Most people who do this kind of thing will create a feeling of discomfort and not much more. Dark energy always returns to the sender, and this is why dark spell casters always use a "student" to cast the spell for them. Whoever castes such a spell can expect to attract low spirits who could hang around for years. It is well known that to try to cause another to be injured, the caster will similarly be injured. Plus, as mentioned, there is karma involved so I do not doubt they get back what they have sent out.

Often it is difficult if not impossible to know if we are the victim of someone's negative thinking, jealousy, or wish to see harm done to us. I believe that we have control of our life and that a positive attitude will in fact raise us above most harm that another may project onto us. But we can never know for sure. Others do us harm all the time through gossip or malicious lies. There is no one alive that doesn't suffer from these kinds of attacks. One malicious lie could result in losing a job opportunity that has been offered - I have seen it often. Since it is common, it can be a waste of energy to dwell on it. We tend to send out negative energy of our own when we are angry without knowing if that energy ever did someone harm. There is no such thing as 100 percent protection from harm. But we can work on diminishing it where possible.

13 Ways Of Psychic Defense & Cleansing:

  • crystals

  • smudging

  • visualization

  • mirrored surfaces/jewelry

  • using white light protection

  • meditation to strengthen the aura

  • being positive/using affirmations

  • gem or flower essences

  • in rare cases, moving to a new home

  • do a cord cutting or ask Archangel Michael to do it

  • invoking angels, God or Jesus

  • words are sometimes magic

  • prayer and mantras


Visit this page on this site to read more about protective crystals. Crystals really do work to block harsh energy, especially if you can hear people's thoughts or feel their energy. Black stones are my favorite, especially black tourmaline and shungite. Amber is also particularly good for protection. By visiting this page you will see an abundance of protective stones you can wear or place in your pocket/bag.


Smudging is an age-old practice of burning sage and other dried herbs and allowing the smoke to clear and cleanse a space of negative energy or spirits. Usually, this is performed in one's own home after negative energy has built up. This can be performed in a ritual or ceremony, or simply done with the intent to clear the space. If you don't mind the smoke, you can also smudge your own body.


Visualization takes a little more work. You will need to find a quiet time where you are alone in calm surroundings to meditate and visualize. Simply take some deep breaths then close your eyes and imagine you are surrounded by a safe barrier through which no harmful energy can penetrate. If you are being bothered by neighbors, you can imagine a safe shield of energy surrounding your home or even your car. If you wish to send the negative energy back to the sender, then visualize a mirror around you so that the bad vibes bounce right off back to the sender. You will need to do these visualizations every day to keep your shield in place (which is why I prefer crystals or actual mirrors as this is less effort).

Invoking White Light

White light-shielding can provide moderate protection from energy but is not the strongest method of protection. It is best when used by empaths to block excess energy from others impinging on their sensitive emotions. Since empaths easily take on other people's energy, invoking a white light shield each day can help to keep personal vibrations high and not be brought down by lower energies in the environment. In my experience, this kind of shielding is weak when it comes to stray dark spirits who tend to not be slowed down by this kind of shield. White light is also really good for cleansing the aura and transmuting darkness that is held in the body. For example, by eating toxic food like GMO ingredients, we ingest dark energy, so white light visualization is a brilliant method of protection against many things.

Meditation to Strengthen the Aura

I feel there is a lot of merit to this. Through meditation and working with ourselves and our angels, we can balance the chakras and increase aura health, thus deflecting negative entities and thoughts. A very good one to try.

Being Positive/Using Affirmations

I have a number of articles on affirmations, which are positive statements used to increase positive energy and better outcomes through invoking the Law of Attraction.

Gem or Flower Essences

Some of these essences seem miraculous in the effect they can have on us. From lifting away depression to restoring confidence, there are so many uses for these potent vibrational medicines. Using a gem essence that specifically targets a negative entity in the home can be an alternative or using them on the self to lift one up and help work through life's issues.

Moving To A New Environment

Some homes are infested with spirits and negative energy and are unwilling to be cleansed. I once lived in such a home. When I moved into it, I became depressed and had many negative spirits around me trying to keep me depressed. As I sat one day to try a house cleansing, the house told me it didn't want to be cleansed. I felt it had a destiny with future residents to teach lessons and it wasn't my right to change the house, so I moved away to a spirit-free, bright and happy home. This is not a solution many people would be looking for if they have an issue with a home, but sometimes it is what needs to be done. When you are ready to move and have learned what was needed, you will know it is time.

Perform A Cord Cutting

Once we understand how we become corded to other people through etheric cording, with those who are both friends and enemies, it is easy to let people go through a cord-cutting. People can impact us greatly when we allow their psychic hooks to latch into our aura. For example, anyone who is eaten by jealousy or bent on revenge will hook into us and maybe send us their dark energy and thoughts through the cords. By performing a cord-cutting as outlined here, we can remove all cords and hooks and be free of such annoyances in our life.

Invoking Angels, God, or Jesus

Do you ever come across those people online who talk about turning to Jesus as an answer to every problem? They may just have a point! The light energy of Christ and our angels is powerful enough to remove all manner of malignant beings or dark entities from our body or our environment; just try it. Any of the angels, archangels, or God can help us instantly but remember, we have to Ask.

We can ask them out loud or in our mind, perform a ceremony and light a candle, or just ask them whilst doing the dishes - all we need to do is user intent. We must invoke them strongly and ask that they help to remove all negative or evil influences in the name of Christ, and then thank the angels afterward. By doing this we can find a home full of spirits suddenly become quiet and peaceful, and this technique is well recommended. It will not necessarily work to remove living souls from our life, like a bad boss, but for spirits that are doing what they aren't supposed to be doing, our mightly angels can clear them away easily.

Words Are Sometimes Magic

If none of those work on spirits or nuisance people, sometimes we forget the most obvious thing - tell them to get lost. Say it loud and look them in the eye and say, "I send back your negativity to you. I do not let it in. Be gone." And remove them from your thoughts. (You can even say it to them in your mind if you don't want to face them in person.) Don't be worried about swearing at a spirit that won't leave, it usually does the trick. They usually need our consent in order to bother us, and by ignoring them we unwittingly give consent. So take it back and watch how fast they clear out of a house.

Prayers And Mantras

If you want to say a specific prayer for psychic protection, I developed this one and have had some success with it.

"Dear Angels (or God). Please remove all negative entities from me now, cutting all cords between me and them. Please remove them from all the Earth planes where possible, taking them elsewhere in the Universe where they may better fit. Cut all cords between them and all who are on Earth. Where possible, please take them to the Temple Of Light where they can be brought back into the light. If needed, please repolarise them back to the light. Thank you, angels and God. Amen."

Mantras can help also to calm us during an attack. When we are calm, we cannot be affected so easily by negative entities. To see a list of mantras, please go here.


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