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12 Healing Angelical Mantras

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

When you are doing a Reiki session with yourself or a client and you are healing a blockage, there is a powerful energy that combined with Reiki can help you to overcome it. To open this session using the power symbol, and distance symbol (if the blockage you feel is connected with your past or your ancestors). After that, invoke the angels with these mantras that will help you to connect to their higher realms, they will respond to the sound of your voice if you speak rhythmically.

Mantras from the angelical realm bring a different vibration and energy and they are really powerful as when you invoke an angel, he aligns his energy with yours. So combined with Reiki energy it will come very powerful.

There are two important words that each mantra has to have, which are Please (at the beginning) and Thank You (at the end) because angels will respond to them. They work better when they are said in loud voice. You can write them on paper or by memory, both work well. And you can light a candle if you feel.

Candles have different intentions too, so for health issues: it will be green; for love universal issues: pink; for partner love: red; for protection: purple or violet; for mental clarity: yellow; for cleansing the energy: blue.

There are some important tips before starting chanting: ring a bell as angels love the sound of bells, burn an incense stick any you like, light a candle, use a crystal which you feel identify, and say the mantra at least three times. And always speak from your heart.

These are although you can create yours according to your situation, there aren’t good or bad mantras as each of us have different situations so if you do it from your heart they will listen to you.


Protection mantra

Guardian Angel protect me (or the name of the person) with your celestial power, awaken or asleep, at day or at night)

To move away from annoying entities' mantra

Angels of Protection … angels who clean … ward off all spirits that do not belong here

To handle fear mantra

Angels of Light … let me feel that they are clos … take away from me all fear … please. Take my fears…!

To bless the home mantra

Angels of the Heart and the home … bless from the roof to the floor, every door and window … extend your Angelic Light, so that there be peace and harmony behind these doors

To express Gratitude mantra

Heavenly Angels … thank you for everything! For helping me … for listening to me and for responding to my call

Trust mantra

Angels of Trust … Angels of Power … help me to walk confidently and safely knowing that my path is right

To find the Purpose in life mantra

Angels of Destiny … angels that illuminate the path of life … help me see my purpose to do my best every day

To increase or develop a Humility mantra

Angels of Ego … Humble angels … give me more balance … do not let me stumble and be arrogant

Tolerance mantra

Angels of Patience … bring mercy and kindness … remove all intolerance that it makes lose my peace

Spiritual growth mantra

Angels of spirituality … who increase our strength and power … touch my third eye and fill me with the Light of God

To face difficult situations mantra

Angels of Life … your Divine rays guide me … let me feel your power as you walk next to me

To make difficult decisions mantra

Resolution Angels … what path should I take? Show me the answer … to take my decision

Once finished the session thank Master Usui and the angels who have helped you in this healing.

Love and light

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