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10 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy

Everything is made of energy, and it's very easy for that energy to build up and bring you down. You're likely already clearing your home of physical clutter—so why not tend to its energetic clutter?

Getting in the habit of removing the negative, chaotic energy that surrounds you could make your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative. Here’s how it's done:

Times when it's essential to clear your home's energy:

  1. When you're in a funk or having a bad day: Negative energy in your home may be feeding those feelings.

  2. If you were just sick: Along with the stress of feeling under the weather, the physical condition carries negative energy into the space around you.

  3. Following a breakup or loss: Clearing during heartache or grief can help you to process pain and move forward.

  4. After arguing with your partner: You said some things. They said some things. Now that the disagreement is over, it's time to clear the air—literally.

  5. During any major life transition (think a new job, partnership, or pets/ babies arriving): Clearing out the old creates space for the new energy these things bring.

  6. When you're feeling stuck: If you want to improve your life and haven't made progress, it might be time to question whether your home is keeping you stuck in the past.

Set a new intention for your home.

Form follows thought. Before you do anything else, set a specific intention for your home. What do you want your space to help you release? How do you want your home to feel?