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10 Benefits From Meditation

MEDITATION brings many benefits, despite the fact that the goals of meditation lie outside the sphere of material life. Meditation directly helps us to solve everyday life problems. Meditation significantly improves our mental, emotional and physical health.

Regardless of the type of meditation you're currently doing, it's important to establish a daily routine. Half an hour of regular meditation every day is the minimum if you want to experience positive changes in your life.

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Meditation improves the immune system

Through meditation, you work to improve the abilities of your being, come closer to God, contact with your Higher Self, and connect with the spiritual energies of higher planes.

This is how you bring order and harmony to your mind and psyche, which must have a positive effect on your immune system, strengthening your body's strength and resistance. It is known that stress, worries, anxieties, and conflicts have a negative effect on general health and especially on the immune system. By meditating regularly, you significantly reduce stress levels and enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.

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Meditation stops the progression of heart and vascular diseases

The results of scientific studies recently presented in the New York Times magazine show that high-risk patients who began to practice meditation reduced the risk of heart and brain damage by half compared to a group of patients who were provided with conventional education related to a healthy lifestyle and healthy lifestyle. nutrition. Meditation is also considered a good way to reduce high blood pressure and the harmful effects of free radicals, which also has a beneficial effect on this type of health problem.

Meditation improves feelings of self-esteem

Through meditation, you come into closer contact with your inner world. When you withdraw your senses from the outside world, the inner streams of thought and feeling become more apparent. You begin to observe inner dialogues and understand your nature much better. This brings immense relief and relaxation. If you can quiet your mind even for a little while, the rays of your Higher Self will be able to penetrate your awareness, bringing feelings of uniqueness, self-worth, and self-respect among other things. Basically, you don't have to do anything to earn self-respect. Self-respect is the true nature of your own being.

Meditation improves your relationships

It's not hard to imagine that meditation has long-term positive effects on improving your interpersonal relationships. First, it makes you calm, relaxed, and centered. After each meditation session, you are a happier and more fulfilled person. That state of yours naturally spills over to the people around you, who can now testify to the positive changes in you and feel the positive energy you spread. They feel, if not consciously then subconsciously, that something positive is happening to them. Besides, the nature of things is that you can't change other people - you can only change yourself. As you improve the inner state of your being, you better understand and improve the world around you, and you become more tolerant.

Meditation improves concentration

In traditional Patanjali yoga, meditation is the step that comes after concentration. But basically, meditation is very similar to concentration. Concentration in this case means keeping your attention on the inner states of your being. Therefore, it is not unusual that after meditation you are able to concentrate much better on your daily tasks in the outside world.

Meditation improves creativity

Meditation is an excellent tool for getting in touch with the inner source of creativity. If only writers, musicians, painters, and other artistic professionals understood the importance of meditation, they could very easily break through their creative barriers. Meditation opens the door between the conscious and superconscious mind, which is actually an infinite source of creative ideas.

Meditation improves intuition

Similar to creativity, meditation enhances intuition. If you think about it for a moment, both creativity and intuition come from the same place - God within us. By meditating you open the passage for Divine energies to enter your body more easily. With regular practice, this passage becomes more permanent and wider, and thus your intuitive abilities improve.

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Meditation improves your ability to love

True meditation is indistinguishable from love. When meditation happens, love is its fragrance. And the opposite is also true. If you truly love, you are in a meditative state of mind. Meditation is always accompanied by love. Whenever you manage to go deeper into your inner self during meditation, you awaken the energy of love, which later spills over to the people around you. Meditation also improves your ability to receive love, since it is not possible to receive something that you have not given first.

Meditation helps in cases of depression

Depression can be seen as a kind of alienation from one's true nature. In this sense, meditation can bring new experiences of freshness and clearer thinking, which helps you more easily deal with mental stuckness and inertia in your professional or personal life. The Daily Mail recently published the results of a scientific study that meditation can be as effective as medication in treating depression. Patients also report that regular meditation reduces the amount of medication they normally take to treat depression.

Meditation improves sleep

If you practice meditation, you will have a much better sleep. This is because when a man goes to sleep he comes into contact with the more spiritual realms of existence. In meditation, you basically do the same thing. Meditation can also be effective in treating insomnia. Research published at the 23rd International Conference of the Association of Professional Societies for Sleep Research has shown that meditation during the day improves sleep during the night.

This list can be expanded with many more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits that meditation brings. For example, meditation:

- improves memory,

- reduces addictive diseases,

- reduces tension,

- reduces pain,

- improves vitality and longevity,

- rejuvenates the body,

- brings health, beauty, and abundance if you want it.


Through meditation, you achieve a sense of connection with the whole world, and unity with yourself. Meditation helps you take a step towards fulfilling your life's purpose, your purpose of existence.

However, the most important benefits of meditation are the spiritual experiences you can get during the practical sessions. Their importance is so great that no physical, emotional, or intellectual benefit can compare to it. Experienced meditation practitioners are able to enter into a blissful state of wholeness that far surpasses any human experience and touches the core of their beings, the source of existence. They also describe a sense of infinite freedom from all shackles of the material world, witnessing a new level of life and light previously unimaginable to them.

In case you've always thought that meditation was just an Eastern fad, perhaps these benefits of meditation will encourage you to reconsider your prejudices and approach this most beneficial work with a new and fresh perspective.

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