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Angel Reiki - Certified Master course




About the Course

It's easy to get protection from Angels when we know how to ask. This protection is extremely fast and happens instantly without any delay. When we need protection or intervention quickly, angels can provide. Angel protection is not always automatic so we need to request it since angels follow the laws of Non-Intervention. If we want to be specially protected, first we ask and when we do, everything changes - they are allowed to step in on our behalf. It is not as difficult as one may suppose to request protection from angels as we all have an angel team around us from birth looking over us and our best interests. One angel who is brilliant in the face of any kind of immediate danger is Archangel Michael. You merely need to whisper his name if in any danger and he will help you immediately if he can. This is who you would call if in a road accident, or if your plane is plummeting out of the sky. Angels will turn up and show you they are there. When we ask, they come immediately. Angels are beings who exist in multiple dimensions, and this means they live outside the timeline

Your Instructor

Elly Paunoska

My Reiki sessions are based on the traditional Usui Reiki Healing. I always aim to make the healing as gentle as possible and the energy will always go where it is most needed. Each healing is individual to you and what you need on the day. I am always working with your Highest Self to bring only what is for your highest good to you and assist you in healing on every level.

Elly Paunoska
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